Anupama: Pakhi throws Cold drink on Kavya, Rakhi is super happy

Star Plus’s most favourite serial Anupama is ready for a new drama when Pakhi’s act makes Kavya very angry.

So far we have seen that Kavya came to Shah house to celebrate Vanraj’s birthday where Baa stops her.

But here Anupama requests Baa to allow Kavya to be a part of this party as she promised that this time she will not create any problem.

Rakhi Dave is also shocked seeing Kavya’s sweet and changed behaviour towards the family. Kabya reveals that this is just a drama.

On the other hand, Pakhi is very upset and fed up seeing Kavya with her father.

She thinks that Vanraj is not happy with Kavya. So, she decide that she will not let Kavya unite with her father.

Pakhi’s act makes Kavya angry

Later on, Pakhi confronts Kavya and challenged her that she will not let her unite with Vanraj as he is not happy with her.

Here Pakhi gets very angry hearing Kavya’s reply that Anupamaa already lost Vanraj to her.

Pakhi throws cold drink on Kavya’s face which makes her very angry.

In between all this, Rakhi Dave is very happy seeing this huge drama in Shah house.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Kavya will react to this and whether Pakhi will take any unthinkable step to stop Vanraj or not.

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