Anupama: Pakhi taunts Anupamaa for not prioritising her; Kavya smirks

Anupama: Pakhi taunts Anupamaa for not prioritising her; Kavya smirks

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its track.

Anupamaa gets busy in the her dance academy and now Kavya gets a perfect opportunity to provoke Pakhi.

Kavya manipulates Pakhi and make her believe that Anupamaa won’t teach her dance as she does not love her.

Kavya is successful in manipulating Pakhi against Anupamaa and offer Pakhi that she can choreograph her dance for Annual Day.

Anupamaa returns home in hurry and surprised to see Kavya and Pakhi dancing together, she is heartbroken.

Pakhi insults Anupamaa

Anupama tries to explain Pakhi that why she is late but Pakhi refuses to hear and insults Anupamaa.

Pakhi says Anupamaa is not willing to teach her dance as she will not get paid for it. Moreover she adds that Anupamaa only obsessed with Samar, Nandini, Kinjal and Paritosh.

Anupamaa clearly understands what happened behind her back and so warns Kavya not to create chaos amid her and Pakhi.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

2 Replies to “Anupama: Pakhi taunts Anupamaa for not prioritising her; Kavya smirks”

  1. Pakhi was irritating before also n now also. I do not appreciate daughter being disrespectful towards mother who has gone through so much in life n Anupama shd not leave house as it belongs to her also. Please show positivity in her life without leaving d house n children being respectful towards her. Kavya is enough going against her.

  2. What rubbish!!! Kavya can say anything and the family members believe her!!!! First Vanraj then Kinjal, and now Pakhi? Seriously!!!! What is the Director trying to prove that we people are stupid. Everyone in the family knows Kavya, still they are believing her. Who next? Baa?

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