Anupama: Pakhi goes with Vanraj to live in Kavya’s house

Star Plus’s favourite serial Anupama is up for the new twist in the upcoming story when Pakhi leaves Shah house and goes with Vanraj.

So far we have seen that Vanraj left Shah house with an announcement that he will marry Kavya and divorce Anupama.

Vanraj started living with Kavya in Anirudh’s house but there he is not happy and just doing adjustment to live in this changed environment.

Later on, he decide to visit Shah house. Everybody gets amazed seeing him back in the house.

Vanraj’s mother Leela thinks that her son is back forever but her assumption is all in vain.

Pakhi decide to leave Shah house

Vanraj is there to just collect his files and clothes which he forgot while leaving the house.

He also gives house expense to her mother Leela, as well as Cheque to Paritosh saying it is still his duty to take care of his family.

Later Vanraj requests her daughter Pakhi to come and live with him and her best friend Kavya.

Pakhi is in huge dilemma whether to choose her family or to go with her father. She decides that after sometime she will come to meet Vanraj and will spend some days with him.

Now it would be really enthralling to see whether Pakhi will be happy in Kavya’s house or she will face problems with her Bestie.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest gossip and updates of Anupamaa.

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