Anupama: New entry Dr. Mona to treat Pakhi, Samar is back

Star Plus’s serial Anupama is up for an intense drama in the forthcoming episode with psychologist Dr. Mona’s entry in the show.

So far we have seen that Pakhi is in huge depression and just because of this she left her house.

Pakhi thinks that no body loves her, Anupama now loves Kinjal and her father Vanraj is busy with Kavya.

Vanraj and Anupamaa decides to consult a psychologist for Pakhi’s treatment.

Now in the show, we will see a new entry Dr. Mona Chopra whose role is played by Parul Chaudhary.

Dr. Mona advice Anupamaa-Vanraj

Here we will see Leela gets angry on hearing that Anupama wants to consult a psychologist for Pakhi. But later on she manages to explain her.

Later on, Anupama-Vanraj brings Pakhi to the psychologist Dr. Mona. She meets Pakhi and understands her behaviour.

Dr. Mona also meet Anupama-Vanraj and explains them that their divorce is affecting Pakhi a lot.

She advice them to give much love, affection, and time to Pakhi.

Anupama and Vanraj makes a decision that they will do what is suggested by the doctor.

On the other side, Samar also returns back to the Shah house as he was away from his family from many days.

Everybody gets very happy with his comeback. As suggested by Dr. Mona, Samar-Paritosh and others spends a quality time with Pakhi.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Kavya will sit quiet post seeing Vanraj’s decision to live in Shah house or she is planning something unthinkable.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates and gossip of Anupama serial.

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