Anupama: Kinjal to realise her mistake; Kavya does unexpectable

Anupama: Kinjal to realise her mistake; Kavya does unexpectable

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense high voltage melo drama and interesting twists in its current track.

Kavya has successfully and easily manipulated Kinjal against Anupama. But Anupamaa has also openly warned Kavya not to do the same.

Next day Anupamaa makes Kinjal’s favourite dishes and writes sorry with salads. Kinjal is overwhelmed seeing this and realises her mistake.

Kinjal hugs Anupamaa and says her sorry. Kavya and Vanraj see this. Vanraj feels relieved while Kavya fumes in anger.

Everyone is happy with Anupamaa and Kinjal’s reunion while Kavya does the unthinkable.

Kavya’s dirty politics

Kavya order’s a huge amount of grocerier with knowing what to bring. Baa asks Kavya that why she ordered so much groceries as they would expire.

Kavya says that she is trying to contribute her side. She wants to separate the house expenses.

Kavya’s this move shocks everyone.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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