Anupama: Kavya becomes the reason of Anupamaa-Pakhi's reunion on stage

Anupama: Kavya becomes the reason behind Anupamaa-Pakhi’s reunion on stage

Star Plus most popular and top rated daily soap Anupama is going to witness some real drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Pakhi keeps on insulting Anupamaa but it does not change Anupamaa’s feeling for her. Anupamaa still goes on helping her via different ways.

Pakhi have started realising Anupama’s worth as Anupamaa has always put Pakhi as her first priority.

But Kavya is opposite. Kavya only focuses on her own make-up without helping Pakhi.

Meanwhile Kavya will also leave Pakhi in the middle of the show. Kavya gets her interview call so she refuses to go on the stage.

Pakhi is left alone.

Pakhi-Anupama reunites

Anupama sees Pakhi is all alone on the stage thus decides to go and help her.

Later Anupamaa will be seen performing with Pakhi. Now Pakhi apologizes to Anupamaa.

It will be super interesting to watch the reunion of Anupamaa and Pakhi on the stage in the show Anupama.

Stay tuned for more updates.

6 Replies to “Anupama: Kavya becomes the reason behind Anupamaa-Pakhi’s reunion on stage”

  1. Too much negativity. And monster are heroes in ths show Kavya, Rakhi Deva and even pakhi.. too insulting a house wife here

  2. Anupama shud stop running after her daughter Pakhi coz she will not value her. Pakhi is selfish and only if her motive is satisfied she appreciates anupama, most of the time she insults her

  3. Until Anupama leaves the Sha house the story is not moving, boring to listen Anusy’s speeches everytime one which is not natural. So Mahan will not be there no way days.

  4. The serial is a copy of Bengali Serial “Sreemoyee”. Till first half the serial be very very interesting, motional etc but latter half will be very very hopeless, unaccepted relationship ana uncultured also.

  5. My favorite progamme. Wish youngsters watch this awesome family values serial. 👨‍👩‍👦❤️South Africa.

    • Very good for phaki she really deserve it of disrespect her mum and tell her she hate her and still anupama still doing like a puppy behind her kids who doesn’t respect for their parents shouldnt get respect in return 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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