Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy

Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Finally Anupama’s Dance Academy is ready. Anupamaa is super excited for its Inauguration.

Shah Parivaar along with Anupamaa helps Vanraj to set up his cafe. Kavya puts up the flaws and shows least interest.

Vanraj’s cafe is also ready but Kavya calls it cheap and ugly cafe. Vanraj names it after Baa, Leela ki Cafe.

Anupamaa and Vanraj are ready to inaugurate and fly towards their destination.

Kavya create chaos

Anupamaa plans for a grand opening for her dance academy and Cafe.

But Kavya has some other plan she conspires against Anupamaa.

Will the grand opening of Anupama Dance Academy will get spoiled?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

21 Replies to “Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy”

  1. Maybe Anupama is wanting to live past her hurt but no one is allowing her to because now they seeing her goodness.
    Ratings will drop because now showing what the viewers don’t want to see, it’s always arguing and over small petty things, Kavya thinks she is modern and career wise, but she is not, she can only instigate and disagree with everything and everyone, poor “bestie”
    Dissappointed with Pakhi, she knows bestie is bad yet she gets instigated AGAIN, need to not be a spoiled brat, if she helps Anupama with household chores then mummy will have time to teach her dance. And I think she will still loose the competition (i hope so) because Kavya cannot dance

  2. Anupama is portrayed as awomen of wisdom ..whycant she tell paki about beware kavya .kavya rhe scheming women and never a day goes withour her schemeswhy cant baa tell her to stop .. episodes will become boring if everytime the good eventsate turned ugly

    • If Anupama was so intelligent, why did she loose her husband. The serial is getting boring,as Anupama always has a solution and Kavya is just a dumb woman

    • I agree with all. It’s ridiculous on the amount of argument there is. It makes you wonder if most Indian household are like this. Can you please convey peace, laughter and positivity? Viewers actually like this and helps them to resolve issues or be inspired. Here it shows how to be sly, devious and I’ll mannered with no real family value apart from one person. Also, Kinjal’s mother cannot be so negative, you need to give her another side. Otherwise, she comes across as robotic and plastic.

  3. How can the shah family get to believe kavya n go against anupama
    Another most important point
    How come Rakhi always interfere into shah’s family she should be kicked out of shah’s house
    This give bad example that girls parent especially mothers can dictate

  4. It’s getting bored anumpa must leave shah house so that family can realize her importance make her independent don’t make the show boring

  5. pls don’t make the serial so boring by always ruining good times with something bad… and all off them. standing against anupama is just not what we want…

  6. Yesh…nowadays it’s too boring….same things are repeating…after every function problem arises…IF Anupama is so so good hearted…and forgives every wrong thing which others do…then why she didn’t forgive Vanraj in the first place….?Then the whole family would hv been saved….No wife can forgive things like that and nobody can just ignore other things too…it’s too boring…give some strength to Anupama…bring some major twist…move Anupama from vanraj….

  7. This story was so realist and understanding. But didn’t like the concept of Anupamaa being so big hearted to Kayva, it must looking great of her side , but she also her self – respect. It would have been better ,if Anupamaa would have moved as morden lady and built up her career with support of her children and also her in – laws . Vanraj and Kavya busy with there life. But it’s been complicated know

  8. Now a days it very boring and unrealistic . Anupama need to practical and leave her own. Stop lecturing madam for bored. I this world no one follows . Everyone have self respect

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