Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy

Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Finally Anupama’s Dance Academy is ready. Anupamaa is super excited for its Inauguration.

Shah Parivaar along with Anupamaa helps Vanraj to set up his cafe. Kavya puts up the flaws and shows least interest.

Vanraj’s cafe is also ready but Kavya calls it cheap and ugly cafe. Vanraj names it after Baa, Leela ki Cafe.

Anupamaa and Vanraj are ready to inaugurate and fly towards their destination.

Kavya create chaos

Anupamaa plans for a grand opening for her dance academy and Cafe.

But Kavya has some other plan she conspires against Anupamaa.

Will the grand opening of Anupama Dance Academy will get spoiled?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

21 Replies to “Anupama: Inauguration of dance academy and cafe turns into a tragedy”

  1. This serial should come to an end, as there is no meaning in continuing this…I agree once upon time this serial hit the marquee but now I have stop watching this. Makers please put an end to this it’s an humble request 🙏

  2. Please show something more practical, everyone goes thru sacrifices, but to some extent, maintaining ur self respect.One women is over sacrificing ,the other is over reacting , and all r being tolerable to an extent of putting self respect down…Anupama, show ur self respect.

  3. Agreed, jis track pe story chal rhi thi ab alg he tack pakad liya hai , anupma should have left them on their own and let kavya handle her family and their responsibilities

  4. Why should Anupama sacrifice so much for the undeserving man whose new wife leaves no chance to humiliate her. Protecting your self respect is never unjustified.By showing the weak side of Anupama, what message do the serial makers wish to the society?? I wish they show that being nice to others is a good thing but if is the cost of your self respect, then the ugly elements should be discarded immediately.Vanraj and Kavya must be asked to live separately, not a part of the same kitchen. Serial makers have social responsibility to make the women of society stronger, not weak, gullible fools.

  5. Seriously. The worst side of kavya …. N all are okay with it !!
    And a daughter like pakhi is not there in this world. … Who is just insulting her mom like anything ….
    What a bad effect children are getting from this !!!
    Anupama is just cow listening to everything … Not a good story line …. Seriously getting less intersted in watching Anupama now …. There is no respect for mom …. Evrybody is targeting Anupama … Thts not fair …. Instead everybody should against kavya ….. Please writers gear up with the story lines …. India there is always respect for mom. So please 🥺

  6. This is getting boring and a total crap. Anupamaa’s lectures are boring… Nobody on this earth can ever be so so nice. Anupamaa seems so stupid and absolutely without any self respect at all. Totally a nonsense serial. I am going to stop watching it..

  7. This serial is turning into one of the worst 👎one why are they showing anupama such a dumb I have never seen any women who has sacrificed so much for unwanted husband and taking taunts from his wife such a meaningless things they are showing

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