Anupama: Counsellor requests Anupama to give a chance

Star Plus’s highly watched serial Anupama is up for new twist in the upcoming storyline when Counsellor asks Anupama to give chance to their marriage.

So far we have seen that Anupama proves herself innocent in the fire accident and school authorities apologies to her.

But later on, Anupama and Vanraj gets a reminder to go for counselling of their divorce case.

Anupama-Vanraj goes to meet their counsellor to proceed on this case.

The counsellor hears all the allegations on how Vanraj betrayed her in this 25 years long relationship.

Anupama also reveals that Vanraj tried to prove her mentally unstable.

Anupama denies to the request

Later on, after seeing all the statements and records, counsellor requests Anupama to give a chance to her 25 years long marriage.

Anupama gets angry hearing this request and sings the papers.

Anupama also asks Vanraj to sing the same.

Now it would be really interesting to see whether Anupama will change her decision or not.

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