Anupama: Anupamaa saves Kavya from major accident

Anupama: Anupamaa saves Kavya from major accident

Star Plus popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some high voltage intense drama and interesting twists in its track.

Anupamaa along with Kinjal and Baa arranges for the Vatsavitri puja. This is first Vatsavitri puja of Kavya and Kinjal.

Kinjal is verry happy as Paritosh also will fast for her. Anupama and Baa forcibly makes Kinjal eat heavy food at the night as the next day she cannot eat anything.

Kinjal also asks Kavya to have some heavy food instead of salad and all but Kavya refuses to listen to her.

Baa solace Anupamaa as this is the first year she won’t keep fast.

Mishap with Kavya

Next day everyone gets ready for the puja. All the wives keep fast for their husbands. Dolly also come to Shah mansion to celebrate.

Later due to fasting Kavya was about to faint when Anupama rushes and saves her from falling.

Vanraj sighs. Everyone praises Anupamaa for her selfless act. Kavya fumes as Anupamaa took away the limelight.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

It is going to be super interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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