Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj's chapter forever

Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj’s chapter forever

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Things are getting intense in Shah mansion and Anupama is facing tough time dealing with all these.

Baa makes it clear that at any cost she willl notet Anupamaa marry Anuj.

She asks Anupamaa to say no to Anuj and stay as friends as they are now.

Rakhi Dave also takes Baa’s side and say she also won’t let her grandchild’s grandmother to marry.

Anupamaa in dilemma

Anupamaa faces emotional dilemma where she needs to make a choice between her family and Anuj.

She starts dancing to vent out her anger and frustration.

Later Anuj comes and holds her hand while she pulls out her hands.

Anuj says he is always with her but if this time Anupamaa leaves him alone then he won’t says anything just leave from her life and walk away.

Anupamaa sits there and cry bitter.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Anuj leave Anupamaa forever?

Stay tuned for more updates.

74 Replies to “Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj’s chapter forever”

  1. Correct, Anupama should get married to Anuj…….Because of KANJU BABY she cannot come back to Shah house……KANJAL can very well shift to ANUPSMA’s house or she can shift to her MOM’s house…….Is KANJU blind or she is just thinking about herself …….If she loves ANUPAMA so much she should be the one getting them married in court, and not keeping crying on her tense relationship with TOSHU…..

  2. Not happy with the new twist. What is wrong with these writers. Why are they always putting her moving forward then pulling her back down. What a hopeless god forsaken Shah family always giving her the blunt end of the knife. Always taking her love for her family for granted. When are they going to show that enough is enough. She deserves to be happy. Just keep the story going. Don’t twist and mess it up. Ita getting annoying. I’ll stop watching this seriel.

  3. What nonsense this show is taking this stand. What generation are they living in. Lots of us will stop watching this show.

    • This show has lost its credibility and that negative baa and vanraj are literally spoiling the grace of this serial. Anupama the crying lady always taking problems on her head. Not even one sensible person to take bold move. Better windup the show free Anuj and Anupama so that they get better serial and director.

  4. If Anuj and Anupama gets separated then I and my friends will stop watching this nonsense serial. Every time bakwas, this is not the age to delay their marriage. Show something positive bit nonsense.

  5. Anupama should get married to Anuj and live happily… why it is sothat always a woman has to sacrifice her happiness for the family whereas Vanraj has married Kaavya and living with her in the Shah house itself. When will our society realize that women are human too and can have basic need for love and belongingness.

    • Show that a lady has a right to live. There are about 400 couples who have got married at that age, because they are neglected in Hyderabad alone.
      Think positive , let them to get married and Anupama gets all that she was deprived off. Also show that the society has accepted it. There is no meaning in we watching the serial if they don’t marry.

    • anupama shuld get married also the fact that she is not there babu why anupama have to sacrifice .. Mind game shuld get end of vanraj .

  6. Third grade mentality of baa and backwash series now baa son can do anything and after divorce how come she can say this to Anupama selfish women baa and Anupama both

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