Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj's chapter forever

Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj’s chapter forever

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Things are getting intense in Shah mansion and Anupama is facing tough time dealing with all these.

Baa makes it clear that at any cost she willl notet Anupamaa marry Anuj.

She asks Anupamaa to say no to Anuj and stay as friends as they are now.

Rakhi Dave also takes Baa’s side and say she also won’t let her grandchild’s grandmother to marry.

Anupamaa in dilemma

Anupamaa faces emotional dilemma where she needs to make a choice between her family and Anuj.

She starts dancing to vent out her anger and frustration.

Later Anuj comes and holds her hand while she pulls out her hands.

Anuj says he is always with her but if this time Anupamaa leaves him alone then he won’t says anything just leave from her life and walk away.

Anupamaa sits there and cry bitter.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Anuj leave Anupamaa forever?

Stay tuned for more updates.

74 Replies to “Anupama: Anupamaa backs out; closes Anuj’s chapter forever”

  1. वाकई में इस सीरियल में अब वो बात नही रही ऐसे में बा और वनराज को मुहतोड़ ज़बाब देना चाहिए शादी करके

  2. Anupama should go forward and accept anuj’s care, affection towards her. Anuj accepts her with all her responsibilities as a mother and grandma.
    Through serial, society and public learns a lot. Anupama serial is a journey of woman, now it’s a time to take stand for herself.
    In this serial, every character is concerned about himself except anupamas father in law.
    We should support and respect his concern for Anupama.

    • It’s time now for Anupama to take a stand and choose Anuj and go ahead.I have been watching only this serial as it showed hope progress and the journey of Anupma her self actualisation .A positive and must go message .If the serial takes a negative turn needless to say like me many viewers would feel cheated .Let us have some POSITIVITY in one serial.Hope and faith keep people going , it’s driving force .If serial makers want let them have but not at cost of Anupama and Anuj, the twits and turns should be directed mainly against Vanraj

  3. Anu should get married to Anuj and throw Vanraj laavya and Ba out of the house and stay happily.
    But then serial will end more drama has to happen!! Vanraj and Ba should be taught a good lesson!!

    • Why so much restrictions on woman .Anupama n Anuj should choose each other n shuts everyone mouth n go ahead with life
      Anuj should become an icon n teach a lesson to Baa Vanarj n others .
      Donot make Anupama to suffer n script is being dragged badly n viewers loosing invest to watch

  4. यह सीरियल बकवास हो गया क्योंकि अनुपमा फिर शाह हाउस लौट आयी।
    अब देखने लायक नही है।

    • जनता को संदेश छोटी और प्रभावशाली ह्रदयस्पर्शी कहानियों के माध्यम से दिया जाना चाहिए ,जनता इतना तो अवश्य समझती है कि अच्छी दमदार कहानी से शुरू होने वाले सीरियल बाद में निरुद्देश्य बकबास कहानी को क्यों ढोते हैं , ऐसे सीरियल की ज़रूरत है जिसमे प्रभावशाली छोटी छोटी कहानियां हों , ऐसे समझिए टेस्ट मैच के स्थान पर 20 —20 देखना अधिक रोमांचकारी लगता है !

  5. Anupama is a typical uneducated middle-aged woman ,a person like Anuj is sodedicated whom she is taking 4 granted. Anuj is never Anupama s priority,bit selfish

    • It’s not worth to see this serial now.
      I hate the way Anupama ditched Anuj.. He was waiting for her since long time.
      Anyways, looks like Anupama wants to live among problems but not the peaceful life with Anuj..

      I feel so sad for Anuj..poor guy..

  6. True if Anupama and Anuj gets married only Baa and Vanraj will shut their mouth.It is Anupama to decide whether she should marry or not.
    If she doesn’t marry Anuj she will be deceiving him for his true dedicated and honest love for her.

  7. It was very interesting, when Anupama stepped out of a toxic relationship, and started life afresh, please do not put her back in the same space once again.

  8. Serial becoming bore day by day .
    Vanraj and Baa should be given a tight lesson by Anupama by marrying Anuj.
    Otherwise TRP will drop day by day.

  9. Serial becoming bore day by day .
    Vanraj and Baa should be given a tight lesson by Anupama by marrying Anuj.
    Otherwise TRP will drop day by da.

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