Anupama: Anupama takes challenge to catch the frauds; finds loopholes

Anupama: Anupama takes challenge to catch the frauds; finds loopholes

Star Plus most popular daily soap Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Anupama is shocked when she comes to know that she had been scammed in the name of loan.

Vanraj, Kavya and Paritosh blames anupa for creating such blunder and signing the papers without reading.

This time Vanraj refuses to take to load of more 20 lakhs rupees. He says he will not participate in repaying the amount the took as loan.

Kavya also blames Anupamaa and tags her as illiterate and idiot.

Anupamaa on mission

Baa is very tense as the Shah can come on the road it unable to repay the tax and loan. And Baa gets sick.

Anupamaa is in guilt and takes up the challenge to not let her family suffer for some fraudsters.

How will Anupamaa get to the fraudsters?

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

11 Replies to “Anupama: Anupama takes challenge to catch the frauds; finds loopholes”

  1. Ary bank wala issue ko hum jaise banker log bhi dekh rhe he director shaab.Plz have some sense to direct such a issue.aise agar fraud ho jata toh bank me daily fraud hota..itna acha idea dene k liye thank you

  2. Yes I agree with all the above comments. ‘Anupama’ is becoming boring day by day. I just wonder how it’s garnering top trp ratings.

  3. Dear sir /ma’am when seeing a TV serial switch off your senses. If you are seeing a stupid story line on a idiot box,who is the idiot and who is is smart.after all amitabh bachan has created many crorepatis in india by answering of a single question rightly

  4. Have started fast forwarding. Too many lectures of Anupama, senseless emotions of no use by sanan, n horrible screaming by kavya. Serial may have good mission, but keeps losing the vision.

  5. Now this serial is becoming story line..and always Anupama has to suffer and everyone disrespect her. Plz stop this…why she has to suffer always. This shows that we should be selfish always..

  6. How can a bank sanction a loan against a property which is not in Anupama’s name. Director is requested to divulge the name for the benefit of viewers.

  7. The amount is not credited to anupama account. It is impossible if there is no credit anupama is not responsible to payit

  8. After solving this matter Anupama should move out of shah house. Her life is same as just like before divorce.
    Bored AF nowadays. So stopped watching.

    • Will Anupama ever find peace and or respect n happiness, so what lesson do we get in this serial, Anupama has suffered as a married woman n still continues to even after divorce, where are you really taking us with this anupama dramatic life story, so boring n boring n boring

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