Anupama: Anuj paralyzed; real enemies and hurdles before Anupamaa

Anupama: Anuj paralyzed; real enemies and hurdles before Anupamaa

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

The Shahs made their final decision that is they don’t want Anupama to visit Shah mansion.

This breaks Anupamaa apart but Anuj fight in Anupamaa’s behalf with the Shahs and says he don’t want to see Pakhi in his house anymore.

Meanwhile Anuj and Vanraj come to a stage of fighting where both of them hold eachother by their collars but Anupamaa stops them.

Anupamaa says she will never come to Shah mansion and apologizes to Pakhi for being her mother and leaves.

Reality changes for Anupamaa

Meanwhile in the new promo it is seen that Anuj is paralyzed and this shakes Anupamaa’s world.

Barkha’s and Ankush get hold of the company, business and property and tells Anupamaa that just like her Pakhi trapped Adhik.

Now Barkha doesn’t leave a opportunity to humiliate Anupamaa. Anupamaa takes oath to make Anuj stand by himself.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stay tuned for more updates.

7 Replies to “Anupama: Anuj paralyzed; real enemies and hurdles before Anupamaa”

  1. I agree with some of the comments here. Anuj keeps getting in accidents ever since meeting Anupama. Feels like she brought him bad luck. It is getting monotonous to see her cry and never successful. What even happened to her business project and uplifting housewife’s to cook ? What happened to her dance contract in USA?
    Why anuj wants to keep business when he once wanted mukku to take over? It all seems like rubbish.

  2. Fed up of the villains always victorious and Anupama and Anuj left to suffer.
    How can anyone take away property etc then no chance of recovering it.
    Also the venom Pakhi spewed is not good for a so called family drama, what message are you sending out to the youth of today.
    And truck full of insults heaped on Anupama and she grovelling after Ba the witch

  3. Dont overdo the misery that it becomes yukky to digest
    U ppl go over the top happy toh over happy that weddings keep happening over n over otherwise dulki toh over dukhi …get a balance yaa….🤦

  4. When it’s the best time to see a real change for the best tat Anupama leaves n never comes back to this toxic family, instead they are showing those that are supposed to realize the value of Anupama n regret their doing, the writers want Anuj to suffer for being the one tat uphold justice n support Anupama for hereon??? Why good people are being punish n bad ones are let scot free??

  5. Enough of sufferings of Anupama,can’t you us catharsis in which we can see that ma are living quite calmly & lovingly,secondly pls change the outlook of Anupama it’s now boring.

  6. Misery after misery, hurdles after hurdles in Anupama’s life always why why why? Change the script, let she live with her head up and let all others who plot against her be taught a lesson or two. Let Anupama live a dignified life now with Anuj. Don’t make this serial more melodramatic with Anupama always as a looser.Let shelead a life of dignity & respect.
    No more Rona dhona for her

  7. Omg
    How can Barkha and them take over Anupama S business really what rubbish they should be taught a lesson and sent on the streets and that Pakhi to realise what has she done
    Anyone needs to learn a lesson is Pakhi barkha and that brother of hers

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