Anupama: Anuj finally confesses his love for Anupamaa before the Shahs

Anupama: Anuj finally confesses his love for Anupamaa before the Shahs

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is going to witness some real drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Anuj reaches Shah mansion and makes it clear that he no more wants trouble in Anupamaa’s life.

Anuj says Vanraj can blames him for everything but should never question on Anupamaa’s character.

He says he only came her to take a stand for his friend. Vanraj fumes and grabs Anuj’s collar.

Vanraj tells Anuj to confess his and Anupamaa’s relationship that both of them love eachother.

Anuj’s sudden outburst

Anuj this time loses his cool and says that yes he loves Anupamaa. He. Says that he had loved her for past 26 years and love always.

Everyone is shocked while Anupama hears everything standing behind Anuj.

She never expected this from Anuj.

Will Anupamaa accept Anuj’s feelings? What more drama is waiting ahead

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4 Replies to “Anupama: Anuj finally confesses his love for Anupamaa before the Shahs”

  1. Well, I hope Anupama accepts the fact that Anuj loves her and has remained single. I hope she does not misbehave and reject him or his friendship. Coz if she does that then I am sorry I shall discontinue watching the serial.

  2. Please dont send anupama back to shah house. Motivate women to live for themselves n their own happiness. Women need to stand up fir themselves

  3. Anupama should respect Anuj feelings. N no more crying or drama from Shah family. Give it a break. Happiness should b around Anupama.

  4. Stop showing senseless vanraj who does not take his own decisions. Acts only on kavya abd baa advice without using his brain. Also if Anupama changes her views towards Anuj after that drama she will be an idiot to think that way as Anuj has already assured her that there will be no letting down for her from his side.

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