Anupama: Anuj-Anupamaa celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi together, welcomes a new beginning

Anupama: Anuj-Anupamaa celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, welcomes a new beginning

Star Plus most popular serial Anupama is going to witness some real drama and interesting twists and turns in the upcoming story.

GK invites Shahs to their house to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi together but Vanraj instructs everyone not to go.

While Bapuji says he will go at any cost. Kavya also makes Vanraj understand that Anuj can be helpful for them in future.

So Vanraj also agrees to go to Anuj’s house. Meanwhile Anuj is very glad that Anupamaa came to his house.

He can’t stop blushing amd smiling. Vanraj fumes in anger watching Anupamaa and Anuj together.

No more Anupamaa’s dishes in cafe

Vanraj is extremely jealous of Anupamaa thus when she comes to the cafe, Vanraj says he don’t need her anymore.

Vanraj also add that he will be removing all Anupamaa’s dishes from the menu and asks her to take care of his 5 Star hotel.

The upcoming episodes of Anupama are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

3 Replies to “Anupama: Anuj-Anupamaa celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, welcomes a new beginning”

  1. please portray Anuoama as capable,yet ,vigilant to the moves of K and V.
    Good people need efficiency and also prompt discrimunation ,which if brought out in Anu ‘s character,would immensely reflect upon the audience ,specially women !!!!
    kudos to Women Empowerment

  2. The story is very well etched out according to current times. They should waste little time in these war of words, though we know it increases the TRP

  3. Yaar please Anupama and Anuj ki marriage krwado plz and then revenge nikalo vanraj and Kavya sy, and this time Baa Ka Hisab Kitab bhi Hona Chahiye Hai bcoz pehly tou Baa ny Anuraj ko sukoon sy ek dusry Ka sathi Nahi banny Diya and ab AnuJpama ki Dushman bnn Gai Hai,,,, we viewers really wish to see Anuj and Anupama as a married couple.
    And please Toshoo ko Acha Sabak sikhao is larky Ka Dimagh bht ziyada Kharab Hai, iss ko Thora upgrade hony ki zarurt Hai family mai

    What do you think Guys .
    Share your thoughts

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