American Idol 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 20

ABC’s most popular show American Idol 2022 (Season 20) reached it’s finale week with top 3 finalists.

All the top 3 finalists are super pumped for the LIVE coast-to-coast Grand Finale.

During the finale of 20th season, one contestant will get eliminated after the first round of singing based on Americas votes.

Later we will have some amazing special guests performances during the LIVE finale event.

At the end, from the Top 2 finalists, we will get the ultimate winner of American Idol Season 20.

The winner of American Idol will win this year’s Title 🏆, Prize Money of $250,000 💰.

American Idol 2022 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeHometownStatusPrize Money
1Hunter Girl 🌟23 yrsWinchester, TNRunner-upN/A
2Leah Marlene20 yrsNormal, Illinois3rd PlaceN/A
3Noah Thompson19 yrsLouisa, KYWinner 🏆$250,000

American Idol 2022 Winner Details

The winner of American Idol 2022 is Noah Thompson. While HunterGirl ended her journey as the runner-up.

Winner Name: Noah Thompson 🏆

Runner-up Name: HunterGirl

3rd Place: Leah Marlene

American Idol 2022 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, it looks like the winner of American Idol Season 20 might be Noah Thompson or HunterGirl.

Let’s wait for the confirmed results to see who won it and becomes the next American Idol.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about American Idol Season 20.

84 Replies to “American Idol 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 20”

  1. I thought all the entertainers was aweful, the singers that were trying out for American Idol was better than the performer they brought in.

  2. I wanted huntergirl to win desperately. I was upset. She was excellent and marvelous. Loved her singing.

  3. I agree with that there should be something for second and third place. I remember them giving each of them a car years ago

  4. There were several potential winners this season, and same-night voting may have been key as to who received the most votes. I thought that this season actually had a number of potential winners, and song choice absolutely was/is a huge factor!! This season was by far the best in years!

  5. Always placed a vote for Noah but not my choice for Idol. Not particularly fond of country music

  6. I like Leah and Hunter girl
    But I also thought Mike was more talented than Noah.
    I wish they would go back to judges voting. Cause all these voters don’t know what is good or bad singing.
    Noah was karaoke singing.

    • It seems like a popularity contest instead of a singing contest. Must only be 12 year old girls voting! They need to let the voting go back to overnight again. SMH
      At least Hunter and Leah will actually have singing careers now.

  7. I was very happy with the winner being Noah . He is so raw and fresh . No hype to him . He is very young and has a lot of responsibility. He is very humble and never promoted himself nor his talent . He is just the sort of person that should win . I’m so proud for him , Congratulations Noah. ! You well deserve your title .. Go out there and set the country music on fire ..

  8. We were so happy for Noah winning the American idol!!!! Yet we were so unsure because Huntergirl & Leah Marlene had great voices too. But They will all have a great careers ahead of them & we Congratulate all of them. There were alot of great singers this year & wish All of them the best of luck!!!! You Go Noah!!!

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