American Idol 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 20

ABC’s most popular show American Idol 2022 (Season 20) reached it’s finale week with top 3 finalists.

All the top 3 finalists are super pumped for the LIVE coast-to-coast Grand Finale.

During the finale of 20th season, one contestant will get eliminated after the first round of singing based on Americas votes.

Later we will have some amazing special guests performances during the LIVE finale event.

At the end, from the Top 2 finalists, we will get the ultimate winner of American Idol Season 20.

The winner of American Idol will win this year’s Title 🏆, Prize Money of $250,000 💰.

American Idol 2022 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameAgeHometownStatusPrize Money
1Hunter Girl 🌟23 yrsWinchester, TNRunner-upN/A
2Leah Marlene20 yrsNormal, Illinois3rd PlaceN/A
3Noah Thompson19 yrsLouisa, KYWinner 🏆$250,000

American Idol 2022 Winner Details

The winner of American Idol 2022 is Noah Thompson. While HunterGirl ended her journey as the runner-up.

Winner Name: Noah Thompson 🏆

Runner-up Name: HunterGirl

3rd Place: Leah Marlene

American Idol 2022 Winner Prediction

As per our prediction, it looks like the winner of American Idol Season 20 might be Noah Thompson or HunterGirl.

Let’s wait for the confirmed results to see who won it and becomes the next American Idol.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about American Idol Season 20.

84 Replies to “American Idol 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – Season 20”

  1. There have been several times where losers have become big stars so I would not worry about Hunter girl she will be just fine as well some some of the other ones also. I’m happy for Noah he has a family and this can show his child that if you put your mind to it you can do anything I think he’s deserving and I think he will have a decent career

  2. Christian never had the stage presence to make him have a ton of followers. He had a good voice but an awkward way about him unfortunately. Noah was good but I feel Leah or Hunter should of won. They were way more dynamic and special.

  3. I think Huntergirl should be the winner. It seems like the guys always win. Because more women watch the show and vote for the guys. But she had a much better voice. She was robbed of the title. But she will have a great career like Carrie Underwood. More so then Noah. His will be mediocre. She has much more stage presence like Carrie.

    • Noah won because his voice was different and Huntergirls was mediocre meaning she sounded just like every other country artist. She was good but Noah was much much better

    • Hunter girl will have a record deal just wait and see. As for Noah I think America was right to pick him . He has a great voice he’s humble and he will be a great Star !!! Once he gets over the shyness and they will get him out of that like they have so many in the past . But Noah deserved to win !!! Leah and Hunter girl will be big as well . Look at Lauren Alaina she was second and her Career is just as big as any of the country music singers period !!! She is as big if not bigger than Scotty McCreery .

    • No…Noah won and should have one. Huntergirl should have been third. She was too typical.. Noah and Leah were different and humble. Huntergirl used Veterans to gain votes and Noah still won. What does that tell you? Love Noah❤️

  4. I thought this was the best top 10 ever. They use to do a tour after American Idol finished. I wish they still did that I would love to see them in person. I think the entire top 10 will have musical careers. I couldn’t decide between the top 3 so I split my votes. They all deserved to win. How would these people ever be discovered without American Idol.

  5. This year the talent was over the top. I admit I was team Noah but would have understood/been happy with any of tgem.

  6. Is it true that the winner gets $250,000 and the runner up nothing?
    If so, there is something wrong with that.

    • I watched it also & to me Hunter Gurl was very good love the country voice & Noah was awesome also so hats off to the both of them but that first song Hunter gurl sang wasn’t to pleasing for the ears.

  7. Fritz ,nicolina and christian best contestants. Oh yeah how about someone of color for a change

    • American Idol doesnt go by color of a person’s skin they go by the better voice and please do not bring race into this

    • Lol watch prior seasons and you’ll see people of color HAVE won! Fantasia and Ruben ring any bells?

  8. Did not like any of the finalist. Tired of country. I liked nocolina. Christian and can’t remember his name but they were far better than the finalist

    • I like Huntergirl but she seemed like a clone of Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood – you’ve seen one blonde country girl singer you’ve seen them all – nothing original.

      Noah is the real deal and if you think he doesn’t have stage presence then you need serious help. He can sing, he’s beautiful, he’s charming. He will go far.

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