AGT All-Stars Cast, Line-up, America’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants Names

NBC’s most popular talent show America’s Got Talent is back with AGT All-Stars which is a spin-off of original series.

AGT All Stars will be featuring winners, finalists, fan favorites, and other acts from previous seasons of America’s Got Talent as well as across the Got Talent franchise.

This spin-off series is judged by Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. While it is hosted and presented by Terry Crews.

This season feature 10 participants every week (preliminary). While those receiving a Golden Buzzer 🌟 in each preliminary secure their place in the grand finale and from remaining will compete for the Superfans vote.

Talking about the start date and timing, AGT All Stars will premiere on Monday, January 2, 2023 at 8/7c.

Check out below for all the contestants of AGT All-Stars including this week’s line-up (Finale Results – February 27, 2023).

AGT All-Stars Telecast Details

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Show NameAGT All-Stars
Produced BySyco Entertainment
Start DateJanuary 2, 2023
Telecast TimeMondays at 8/7c
Repeat TelecastTBA

AGT All-Stars Cast

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Sr No.Contestant NameActHistoryWeekStatus
1Alan SilvaAerialistAGT: S15 – Grand-finalistWeek 1Eliminated
2Aneeshwar KunchalaPoetBGT: S15 – FinalistWeek 1Eliminated
3BerywamBeat-boxing GroupAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S13 – Third PlaceWeek 1Eliminated
4Bello SistersAcrobatic TrioAGT: S15 – FinalistWeek 1Finalist
5Calysta BevierSingerAGT: S11 – Semi-finalistWeek 1Eliminated
6Jeanick FournierSingerCGT: S2 – WinnerWeek 1Eliminated
7Jimmie HerrodSingerAGT: S16 – FinalistWeek 1Eliminated
8Light Balance KidsLight-Up Dance GroupUGT: S9 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Finalist; DS: S15 – FinalistWeek 13rd Place
9Lioz Shem TovComedy MentalistIsGT: S1 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Participant; AuGT: S9 – Grand-finalist; FGT: S14 – Participant; BGT: S14 – ParticipantWeek 1Eliminated
10Terry FatorVentriloquistAGT: S2 – WinnerWeek 1Eliminated
11Aidan BryantAerialistAGT: S16 – Runner-upWeek 2Winner 🏆
12Detroit Youth ChoirChoirAGT: S14 – Runner-upWeek 2Finalist
13Divyansh & ManurajBeatboxer and FlautistIGT: S9 – WinnerWeek 2Eliminated
14Dustin TavellaMagicianAGT: S16 – WinnerWeek 2Eliminated
15Jackie FabulousStand-up ComedianAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalistWeek 2Eliminated
16Jamie LeaheyVentriloquistBGT: S15 – Runner-upWeek 2Eliminated
17MalevoMalambo Dance GroupAGT: S11 – Semi-finalistWeek 2Eliminated
18Sara JamesSingerAGT: S17 – FinalistWeek 2Eliminated
19Tone the ChiefRapperAGT: S8 – Semi-finalistWeek 2Eliminated
20Vitoria BuenoDancerDS: S15 – Runner-upWeek 2Eliminated
21Avery DixonSaxophonistAGT: S17 – FinalistWeek 3Runner-up
22Bir KhalsaDanger GroupAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; AuGT: S10 – Semi-finalistWeek 3Eliminated
23Captain RuinKnife ThrowerAuGT: S9 – Semi-finalistWeek 3Eliminated
24Dance Town FamilyDance GroupAGT: S15 – Semi-finalistWeek 3Eliminated
25Dustin’s DojoComedy Karate GroupAGT: S9 – ParticipantWeek 3Eliminated
26Keiichi IwasakiMagicianItGT: S7 – Semi-finalist; SGT: S3 – Finalist; BuGT: S11 – Finalist; DS: S15 – Finalist; BGT: S15 – Semi-finalistWeek 3Eliminated
27Keren MonteroSingerDGT: S2 – WinnerWeek 3Eliminated
28Mike E. WinfieldStand-Up ComedianAGT: S17 – FinalistWeek 3Finalist
29Peter AntoniouMentalistAGT: S16 – Semi-finalistWeek 3Eliminated
30Viviana RossiAerialistRT: S10 – Participant; AGT: S17 – ParticipantWeek 3Eliminated
31Aidan McCannMagicianBGT: S14 – FinalistWeek 4In Top 5
32Cristina RaeSingerAGT: S15 – Third PlaceWeek 4Eliminated
33Darius MabdaDancerRT: S12 – WinnerWeek 4Eliminated
34Emil and DarielCello DuoAGT: S9 – FinalistWeek 4Eliminated
35Human FountainsNovelty Water-spitting ActAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalistWeek 4Eliminated
36Mini DroidsDrone Precision GroupBeGT: S7 – WinnerWeek 4Eliminated
37Ndlovu Youth ChoirChoirAGT: S14 – FinalistWeek 4Eliminated
38Power DuoContemporary Dance DuoPGT: S5 – Winner; AsGT: S3 – Third PlaceWeek 4Finalist
39Robert FinleySingerAGT: S14 – Semi-finalistWeek 4Eliminated
40The Sacred RianaHorror IllusionistAsGT: S2 – Winner; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; BGTC: S1 – Participant; FGT: S17 – Semi-finalistWeek 4Eliminated
41Ana Maria MărgeanVentriloquistRT: S11 – WinnerWeek 5In Top 5
42Archie WilliamsSingerAGT: S15 – FinalistWeek 5Eliminated
43Axel BlakeComedianBGT: S15 – WinnerWeek 5Eliminated
44Jasper CherryMagicianBGT: S14 – FinalistWeek 5Eliminated
45Mandy HarveySinger & UkulelistAGT: S12 – Grand-finalistWeek 5Eliminated
46Mervant VeraMagician & RapperAGT: S17 – Semi-finalistWeek 5Eliminated
47Peter RosalitaSingerAGT: S16 – Semi-finalistWeek 5Eliminated
48Tom BallSingerBGT: S15 – Third PlaceWeek 5Finalist
49World TaekwondoMartial Arts GroupItGT: S11 – Finalist; AGT: S16 – Finalist; FGT: S16 – FinalistWeek 5Eliminated
50Yumbo DumpComic DuoAsGT: S2 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; DS: S13 – Finalist; IsGT: S2 – Participant; GrGT: S7 – ParticipantWeek 5Eliminated
51Brandon LeakePoetAGT: S15 – WinnerWeek 6Eliminated
52Brett LoudermilkSword SwallowerAGT: S15 – Semi-finalistWeek 6Eliminated
53Daneliya TuleshovaSingerAGT: S15 – FinalistWeek 6Eliminated
54Eric ChienMagicianAsGT: S3 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; ChGT: S7 – Finalist; BGTUM: S1 – WinnerWeek 6Eliminated
55Flau’jaeRapperAGT: S13 – Quarter-finalistWeek 6Eliminated
56Josh BlueStand-up ComedianAGT: S16 – Third PlaceWeek 6Eliminated
57Kodi LeeSingerAGT: S14 – WinnerWeek 6Finalist
58Lukas & FalcoDog ActDS: S7 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalistWeek 6Eliminated
59SethwardNovelty ActAGT: S13 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Participant; AGT: S16 – Quarter-finalist; AGT: S17 – ParticipantWeek 6Eliminated
60Voices of Hope Children’s ChoirChoirAGT: S13 – Semi-finalistWeek 6Eliminated

**we will keep updating the contestants list

Golden Buzzer 🌟 : indicates the act won the Golden Buzzer during preliminary

Got Talent History Keys
AGT — America’s Got Talent
AsGT — Asia’s Got Talent
AuGT — Australia’s Got Talent
BGT — Britain’s Got Talent
BGTC — Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions
BGTUM — Britain’s Got Talent: The Ultimate Magician
BeGT — Belgium’s Got Talent
BuGT — Bulgaria’s Got Talent
CGT — Canada’s Got Talent
ChGT — China’s Got Talent
DGT — Dominicana’s Got Talent
DS — Das Supertalent
FGT — France’s Got Talent
GrGT — Greece’s Got Talent
IGT — India’s Got Talent
IsGT — Israel’s Got Talent
ItGT — Italia’s Got Talent
PGT — Pilipinas Got Talent
RT — Romania’s Got Talent
SGT — Got Talent España
UGT — Ukraine’s Got Talent

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