AGT 2022 Winner Name, 1st Runner-up, Prize Money – America’s Got Talent S17

The 17th season of America’s Got Talent (AGT 2022) reached it’s finale with top 11 selected acts.

All these 11 contestants were selected by all the Americans showering their votes to them.

From these 11 finalists, based on the public votes, we got the top 5 acts on the Finale Results day.

At the end, from these 5 best contestants, one was declared as the winner of this season.

The winner of AGT 2022 got the Title 🏆, prize money of $1 million dollars 💵 as well as a chance to perform at “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE” at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AGT 2022 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameGenreActStatusPrize Money
1Avery Dixon 🌟MusicSaxophoneEliminated
(Top 11)
2Drake MilliganMusicMusician3rd PlaceN/A
3Chapel Hart 🌟MusicMusic Group5th Place N/A
4Yu HojinMagicMagicianEliminated
(Top 11)
5Nicholas RibsMagicMagicianEliminated
(Top 11)
6Sara James 🌟SingingSingerEliminated
(Top 11)
7MetaphysicVarietyAI Software Act4th Place N/A
8Mike E. WinfieldComedyStand-up ComedianEliminated
(Top 11)
9Kristy SellarsDancingDancer1st Runner-upNA
10Mayyas 🌟DancingDancing GroupWinner 🏆$1 million
11Celia MunozSingingVentriloquistEliminated
(Top 11)

AGT 2022 Winner / Runner-up Details

The winner of AGT 2022 is The Mayyas. While Kristy Sellars was declared as the 1st runner-up.

Winner Name: Mayyas 🏆

1st Runner-up Name: Kristy Sellars

3rd Place: Drake Milligan

4th Place: Metaphysic

5th Place: Chapel Hart

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30 Replies to “AGT 2022 Winner Name, 1st Runner-up, Prize Money – America’s Got Talent S17”

  1. Just your opinion. Votes proved you wrong. you cannot compare apples with oranges. If you wanted them to win they should go on singing show

  2. Metaphysic should have won, hands down! They were very entertaining & so creative! The top 2 places went to non-Ameticans & were both dancers. To me, they were not that impressive! Nothing great about Drake Milligan’s voice! He’s just good-looking & writes his own songs. I was more impressed with the performances of non-placers Avery Dixon, Sara James & Nicolas Ribs!

  3. Mayyas definitely deserved to win. And yes, the pole dancer deserved second. Chapel Hart really missed with their performance last night by being off key so many times. Elvis wannabe is a great performer, but not very unique. I could imagine that people from the south or love country music ONLY wanted those performers to win. But they weren’t the best. Avery the saxophone player and Sara the singer were truly great with precise showmanship and talent. She was a great singer and to be only 14!!! What stage presence by them both. I agree with the outcome for the most part, especially the top 2.

    • “Elvis wannabe”?????? How is he a “wannabe “? So he performed as Elvis in the past! So what? Drake did an amazing job and it has nothing to do with his past performance as Elvis. He’s not trying to be Elvis and has found his own path in the music world. Very proud of him for that. As another “Elvis wannabe “, I am very offended by that remark!

  4. I believe that Drake Milligan, Metaphysics, the saxophone player, or the Polish singer should have won. I feel that The Mayas are talented but I don’t believe they are real dancers. It’s disappointing as they weren’t the best act but apparently were the favorites this season.

  5. That was a joke, CHAPEL HART was by far the best and should of won with Drake Milligan as runner up! Don’t feel that a pole dancer should of got runner up let alone the dancers as winners , so wrong!

  6. Such BS I am do e with fake votes plus mayyas have already won in UK. Change the show name ots not America has talent. It’s the world has talent. So done.

  7. It makes no sense of the person who won will never be allowed to perform in Vegas. Lebanese women are totally controlled by Arab men. What a waste of $1 million and a fantastic career opportunity.

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