AGT 2022 Finalists – America’s Got Talent Season 17 Top 11 Finale Acts, Wildcard Winner

NBC most popular reality show AGT 2022 (America’s Got Talent Season 17) is very near to it’s finale event with top 10 finalists.

After many audition rounds, we got 55 best contestants advanced to the next round in this competition.

This round is a qualifier round in which all these 55 semi-finalists acts were divided into group of 11 each (total 5 qualifying rounds). These are the semi-final rounds.

During these LIVE shows, based on the public votes, we got top 10 finalists of this season (top 2 acts in each week) and one finalist as America’s Wildcard winner.

Now all these top 11 will compete and perform in the finale for the last time. From them, one will be awarded as the winner of AGT 2022.

AGT 2022 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameGenreActStatus
1Avery Dixon 🌟MusicSaxophoneEliminated
(Top 11)
2Drake MilliganMusicMusician3rd Place
3Chapel Hart 🌟MusicMusic Group5th Place
4Yu HojinMagicMagicianEliminated
(Top 11)
5Nicholas RibsMagicMagicianEliminated
(Top 11)
6Sara James 🌟SingingSingerEliminated
(Top 11)
7MetaphysicVarietyAI Software Act4th Place
8Mike E. WinfieldComedyStand-up ComedianEliminated
(Top 11)
9Kristy SellarsDancingDancer1st Runner-up
10Mayyas 🌟DancingDancing GroupWinner 🏆
11Celia MunozSingingVentriloquistEliminated
(Top 11)

**We will keep updating the list

Talking about the date and timing, the LIVE grand finale of AGT 2022 is on September 13, 2022 while the results will be declared on September 14, 2022.

Let’s see who becomes the winner of AGT 2022 from these top 11 finalists.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about the finale of America’s Got Talent 2022.

21 Replies to “AGT 2022 Finalists – America’s Got Talent Season 17 Top 11 Finale Acts, Wildcard Winner”

  1. The Mayyas had a WHY since the get go,
    Inspired by Nighbirde, bringing their A game every time ! They deserve it , God knows how much their country Lebanon suffers , and they are LIONNESSES FIGHTING FOR THEIR LAND.

    • It’s called America’s Got Talent. Not Lebanon’s Got Talent! Should not have been allowed to compete. You don’t think Americans are suffering?! 🤬

  2. Drake Milligan is the whole package.
    Great songwriter, talented singer, his band is tight, a charismatic stage presence, not to mention he is a hottie!!
    He is definitely future CMHOF!

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