Aari won Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 – Bigg Boss Tamil 2020

Today we saw the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 (Bigg Boss Tamil 2020) with the top 5 finalists of this season.

The Grand Finale started with some awesome performances by the eliminated contestants of Bigg Boss 4.

Later on, we saw the first eviction from the top 5 finalists and he was Som Shekar. Som was the first finalist of this season who had won the Ticket to Finale. He ended his Bigg Boss journey at the fifth place. (He shared the stage with host to see his journey video)

Followed by this, the next contestant who got evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil was Ramya Pandian. She was declared as the third runner-up of this season. (She shared the stage with host to see her journey video)

Thenafter, Rio Raj got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. He was the 2nd runner-up of this season. (He also shared the stage with host to see his journey video)

Who won Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari or Bala?

Now the last and most interesting part of this season was to declare the title winner of Bigg Boss 4 from the top 2 remaining finalists i.e. Balaji and Aari Arujunan.

Host of this show Kamal Haasan entered in the Bigg Boss house to bring back these two finalists from the house to the stage. (They both shared the stage with the host to witness their journey video)

Later Kamal Haasan declared Aari Arujunan as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. While Bala was announced as the first runner-up of this season. (Proof here)

Aari got Bigg Boss trophy, a huge cash prize of Rs. 50 Lakh, and also an award of “Motivator”.

Whereas the runner-up Balaji got the award of “Game Changer”.

With this Kamal Haasan ends Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

All the Best to Aari and the others for their future endeavors.

14 Replies to “Aari won Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 – Bigg Boss Tamil 2020”

  1. One of The Waste & Jealous Person is Aari he is not eligible to win. Waste of time of watching Big Boss there is no correct decision.

  2. Bigg boss is a game show but honestly Aari and Bala won because of votes . They did not contribute much in being competitive in the tasks . Both were jealous of Rio and Som who are the true winners .

  3. Mr.Aari Arjuna is really motivated person. I saw him many times he handle troubles on any situation, it’s great.

  4. When ramya evicted from the list i was hatred big boss. Sll are cheating 😒. One side supports. Next big boss i won’t watch.

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